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Posted on: April 11, 2008

I’m probably behind the times, but Ravelry, it is so cool. I think it’s about to open to the whole public (which is to say, invitations not required). If you knit or crochet or spin, it’s terribly useful. You can catalog your stash of yarn or fiber, your pattern books, and all your sizes of hooks and needles; you can put up pictures of your finished projects AND keep track of works-in-progress. And it’s all linked to the patterns you used as well. AND you can search for patterns and either mark them as favorite for inspiration, or even put them in a queue to be made. Plus groups and other networking type things, and something with linking blog posts, but I’m not an expert on that feature yet. Check it out though, and go see my projects while you’re at it. (We’ll see if that link works.)

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I will have to go and check you out on Ravelry. I have been signed up for quite awhile but never really did anything as I am not really up to par with the others on that site. Now that I actually know someone I will have to go and see how you have yours set up. 🙂

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