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Posted on: April 24, 2008

Not online much, that’s where. (Duh.) Or, at the very least, trying to resist. Partly because I started homeschooling my daughter — she’s doing great with the reading, especially — which I could write a lot about but have not yet. I will only say this for now: I feared I would be really overwhelmed by homeschooling. But actually, thus far the opposite has been true. It gives me structure and focus, and I feel like a WAY better, more present mom because of it. It’s also interesting, and fun.

But yeah, not online much. Struggling for balance as usual, which in part means reading (and writing) less blogginess. And then I read this post by Schnozz and it’s so funny and so scary at the same time. I have yet to install any software, but it’s really terribly, horrifyingly true. Go read it, please.


And then sometimes things shake you up.

Back in the first week of April, I did an engagement photo shoot for a scrapbooking/church friend of mine. I’d never really met her fiance, Daniel, before. I told them – it’s my wedding present for you. They said they enjoyed the photo shoot (good, I said, it’s definitely supposed to be fun).

Saturday morning my friend called, left me a message to call her about the pictures. Because, I found out, she didn’t want me to delete any. Because Daniel had died of a heart attack the night before.

Finishing editing these photos was hard. Hurting for my friend, of course. I barely knew him, but I hope these caught a little of his personality in them, his shy smile, his clear eyes.

04 02 08 md 177 copy

Now… now I want to do photo shoots for everyone I know. Just because.

Schnozz’s mantra #2 is right:
There is always something better to do than the Internet.

And now to go do some of it.

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Nice picture! I’m glad you posted it.

That’s is so sad Sam. I had seen your photos on Flickr and was going to comment on them. I thought they looked really good.

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