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worsted Gumball the Kitten pattern (v.2)

Posted on: June 14, 2008

Here it is, the long awaited… questions and comments are welcome.

Gumball the Kitten, part deux

Pattern for Gumball the Kitten amigurumi (worsted weight)

(Feel free to make many Gumballs for yourself, family and friends. Please do not sell nor repost the pattern – links back are much appreciated. Thank you.)

Please note edit at the bottom, or, even better, go to my new blog location for the edited pattern; look under the “crafty” tab at the top.

worsted weight acrylic yarn
E (3.5mm) hook
animal safety eyes (9 mm & felt, 6mm for mouth) and nose, or floss for embroidering features
fiberfill for stuffing
yarn needle

Gauge: tight enough so the stuffing doesn’t show through


  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. +6 inc every st around (12)
  3. +6 (1 sc + inc) around (18 )
  4. +6 (2 sc + inc) around (24)
  5. +3 (7 sc + inc) around (27)
  6. +3 (8 sc + inc) around (30)
  7. sc in each sc around (30)
  8. sc in each sc around (30)
  9. -12 (5 invdec + 1 sc) around (18 )
  10. (1 + dec) around
  11. dec around

Place eyes, nose and mouth and stuff firmly around round 9 or 10.

Fasten off and drawstring closed.


  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. +6 inc every st around (12)
  3. +6 (1 sc + inc) around (18 )
  4. +6 (2 sc + inc) around (24)
  5. +6 (3 sc + inc) around (30)
  6. +3 (9 sc + inc) around (33)
  7. +3 (10 sc + inc) around (36)
  8. +3 (11 sc + inc) around (39)
  9. sc in each sc around
  10. sc in each sc around
  11. -3 (11 sc + invdec) around (36)
  12. -6 (4 sc + invdec) around (30)
  13. -6 (3 sc + invdec) around (24)
  14. -6 (2 sc + invdec) around (18 )

Fasten off with sl st, leaving a tail for sewing.

Front Legs (make 2)

  1. 4 sc in magic ring
  2. +4 inc every st (8 )
  3. +4 (1 sc + inc) around (12) – sc, inc, inc, sc, sc, inc, inc, sc
  4. sc in each sc around
  5. sc in each sc around
  6. -3 (9) – sc, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, sc, dec, sc
  7. -2 (7)
  8. sc in each sc around

Fasten off with sl st, leaving a tail for sewing.

Back Legs (make 2)

  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. inc every st around (12)
  3. (1 sc + inc) around (18 )
  4. sc in each sc around
  5. 3 invdec, sc around, leave 1 sc in rnd (11)
  6. 3 invdec, sc 5 hdc, sc, finish with sl st, leave tail for sewing on.


  1. 6 sc in magic ring
  2. sc around (6)
  3. sc around, inc 2 st (8 )
  4. sc around
  5. repeat row 4, approximately 9 times (total rows appr. 13)

Fasten off with sl st, leave tail (ha!) for sewing.

Ears (make 2)

  1. 4 in ring
  2. 1 + inc
  3. inc +2
  4. inc, 2 sc, 2 inc, 2 sc, inc

Fasten off with sl st, leaving a tail for sewing.


Nestle the ball of the head into the hole of the body (after stuffing firmly) and sew together. Sew on legs, ears and tail.

EDIT: Itsybitsyspidercrochet was kind enough to post some errata for this pattern; find it here.

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Gumball is gorgeous. I am not very good at crochet (knitting is more my thing), but he (or she?) inspires me. I have a black cat called Seth, and I would love a miniature version of him to take to work.

I’ll let you know if I succeed.

I made mine for a doll’s pet with baby yarn and thread. Thought you might want to see. 🙂 I had to adjust a couple things a bit because of the smaller yarn but not much!

I clicked on the link and it said the page could not be found.

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I found this adorable kitten on Crochet Patterns Central
and decided to make it. The only problem is I don’t understand what it means on row 9 for the head by
(5invdec + 1). I was wondering if you could explain that to me, I realize I need to decrease by 12 but the 5invdec is confusing me, I’ve never seen that used before.

She made a mistype. It is supposed to be (5incdec+1). V is next to C. She hit that by accident.

Lee – I found this tutorial on the invisible decrease stitch here:


Hope that helps!

I love this pattern but I don’t understand how to make the ears.
What does

1 1 + inc
2 inc +2


Oh, I think I figured it out.

1 sc, inc
inc, 2 sc


The ears look good, so I hope that’s it. This is the cutest pattern. My son is going to love it. Thank you so much!


just finished him last night – my daughter’s third grade classmate has been out sick for over two weeks, so we thought Gumball might cheer her up – we will deliver him this afternoon with some Christmas cookies and books to read.

Of course – now my daughter thinks he is so cute, she wants one for all her friends and herself too. She insisted Gumball sleep on her bedside table last night. I guess I need to get crocheting!!

Red Heart supersaver yarm, F hook and your adorable pattern. I just made the tail a bit longer and stuffed it to stand up.

Thanks so much for an awesome pattern!

Adorable!I’m going to get the yarn and hook and start right away!

Ok, so i’m still having problems with round 9. I’ve been sitting here for two days trying to figure out how to do it. i even looked at the pattern for the other yarn(which has a difference with round 9). I’ve looked at the tutorial and figured out how to do the invdec. but every way i try to do this round i end up not with 18 stiches. Is there anyway that you could break it down a bit better? i’m so confused and it’s driving me crazy! Gumball is really cute and i’d love to have one to call my own. Thanks!

I’ve been having the same problem as Allie. I dont end up with 18 stitches.

I want to make this adorable little kitty, but im going batty trying to figure out row #9!

any help would be hot

I am having the same problem I cannot figure out row #9. I really want to make this kitten , but I am confused.

Okay, apparently people are having trouble with row #9 of the head.

The main point of it is that you’re going, in one row, from 30 stitches to 18 stitches. If you were going down to 15, that would be decreasing every stitch. But it’s a little less, so basically you want to throw in six regular single crochets, evenly around. In other words, for this round you’re doing a whole lot more decreases than regular stitches.

But really, as long as you have the beginning of your round marked, just put the single crochets wherever (even, gasp, all right next to one another) – just make sure you end with 18 stitches total.

I hope this helps.

Yes it does. thank you!

I have made the head, body, front legs, tail… BUT I have questions on making the back legs and ears… they don’t follow the same format as the other parts.

– Back legs, step 6: I don’t know what to do with sc 5 hdc. Do I do this in one stitch? Or go around? can you spell it out for me please? How many stitches in final row?
– Ears, instructions don’t follow the same format as other parts, so again, not sure if I do these stitches all the way around, or if I literally just do what is outlined (i.e. Row 2 = 1 + inc = 3 stitches?)

hope my questions make sense! Love the pattern… can’t wait to have a finished Gumball Kitten!! THANKS!

Cute!! I have to make a Gumball now! Thanks for the pattern!

Huh? Wait a minute…I looked at the pattern, and it makes no sense! I’ll find another cute kitten pattern…

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i dont really understand row 4 of the back legs. do i invdec 3 times then crochet around? that doesnt make 11 stitches. and what do u mean by leave 1 stitch? please help

Hi i love this pattern! Is it ok if I sell the finished product?

how big will it be?

thanks so much for this 🙂 i really enjoyed making the cat and it turned out so cute 😀 but it’s a little bit fat though xD
greetings 😉

aw so cute
love it, i linked the pattern to my site

aw so cute
love it, i linked the pattern to my site

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