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checking in and out … for a while

Posted on: July 31, 2008

Okay all (whoever exactly “all” is) – I’m out. For a while. No high speed internet (yet) where we’re moving.

As Bethany twittered: What, no high-speed? Will you have toilets? Running water?

I can only agree. Hopefully the situation will soon be remedied, but till then… I’ll see if I can at least tweet (twit?) occasionally. We’ll see. Since I don’t have a cell phone and cannot text it in… I know, you’re thinking I’ll absolutely belong in the Dark Ages location I appear to be moving to. Really, most of them have cell phones, we’re just freaks. (I love this post on that topic.)

So. Peace y’all. I shall return. Eventually.

2 Responses to "checking in and out … for a while"

Good luck with everything. Keep in touch!

Good luck indeed! Can I ask where, exactly, you’re moving to? Just bein’ nosy. 🙂

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