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Posted on: August 26, 2008

Yeah, thanks a lot Nora…. It’s okay actually, there are people who want to know what our new place looks like, so here’s a bit of it, as good a way as any. Even though we are still not unpacked (maybe this weekend will see some substantial progress) and I feel terribly unsettled. But I have internet! (Maybe that’s why we’re not unpacked….)

Rules for this meme (which needs a name, isn’t that compulsory?): Take a pic of each of the 10 things listed — and you have to do it right away. (Also tag five people, if you want.) No cheating either, rearranging, hiding, posing your children doing something educational or otherwise socially acceptable. Here goes!


1. The Refrigerator

Still stocking back up on food since we ran down the supply before moving – also still figuring out where things will GO.

2. The Laundry Room

Not so much a “room” as a “hall with cupboard” – but PLEASE don’t think I am complaining. I’m not even complaining that the dryer seems to take an hour plus to actually dry anything. I am just so thrilled at the very notion of actually doing laundry in our own house.

3. The Bathroom

This is the bathroom in the kids’ room – note the striped towels on the floor. No door either. Nor fan, hence the can of air freshener. But hey.

4. The Closet

Our master bedroom closet – it unnerves me slightly because it has NO DOORS. Why? But note how it is NOT full of camping equipment and boxes of seasonal clothing. Woohoo! See below, #7.

5. The Kitchen Sink

Has a sprayer, and no longer leaks. Yay!

6. Self-Portrait

Of my shirt. Haha! Oh fine:

7. Favorite Room of the House
favorite room

At the moment – the storage room. It is so beyond novel to actually have a place to put, oh say, camping equipment for example, that is not our bedroom closet. Excellent notion. (And you saw our closet already.) Also note, there is an extra frig/freezer. It needs to be wiped out and plugged in – but I’m excited.

8. What are your kids doing right now?

Playing outside, in the rain — sort of: they are filling cups with water off the porch. But still managing to get soaked. And wearing their pajamas still, no less.

9. Dream Vacation

This question doesn’t really seem to fit. I have several dream vacations – one of which to Australia and New Zealand, but hello, I have no photos of them, nor can take one right away! because, well, I haven’t been there yet. Thus “dream vacation.” Unless it’s s’posed to be one you’ve already gone on… that would be Ireland but sadly those photos are not digital and you can’t have one.

10. Favorite Pair of Shoes

They are new, and very cute; sadly it seems that I MUST wear socks with them – nylons alone will absolutely not cut it (say the blisters on my heels). Hopefully socks (perhaps some knee socks as well!) will take care of that problem – because they’re SO cute…. Also perhaps not wearing them while shooting a wedding will help as well….

There you go, Nora, happy?? 🙂 If anyone else would like to do this, feel free. I will tag DreamsofNyssa, Katie the Scrapbook Lady, Loralee, Becky (who also just moved, but hey) and Nancy. But no obligation, people.


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Your new place looks so awesome! Is the hubby enjoying the new job? I will have to post pictures of our new place, which also is not unpacked… but I am TRYING! I am so glad you have internet now.

Good job! Now–get unpacked–I know, I know there are better things to do

Okay. So now I understand all the new pictures you posted on Flickr. LOL! I will see what I can see if I can do this tomorrow. However! I really really must clean first. LOL! Seriously. No way will I be taking some of these photos without rearranging.

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