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National Blog Posting Month, Year 3

Posted on: November 1, 2008

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A post a day, for the third year. Aren’t you ecstatic? I keep thinking a theme would be a good idea, doing a photoblog for a month, or recipes, or SOMETHING. Anything to know what I’m doing next? However, not that organized.

Today I’ll be away most of the day at a craft fair with my potential new friends. Sadly I didn’t get myself together enough to really have much to sell myself – just one little fuzzy bear I will try to get a photo of before he (hopefully) sells and goes off into the world on his own. Yesterday I went over and took photos of my friends’ wares, which are very adorable, aprons, bags, kids’ outfits, one of a kind stuff. Like these:

model in a cute outfit cute apron 10 31 08 095 10 31 08 105

(I will link you to their etsy store and site soon.)

Anyway, wish us all luck; I’ll be happy if I just survive the long day. šŸ™‚


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