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sugar high

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Maybe next year I will get back into wearing a costume myself. The good news is that my Happy Halloween shirt from last year fit better this year than that.

Here we have Iron Boy (his title, at his own insistence).

10 31 08 035

My daughter was a fox, her favorite animal. It was also my favorite as a child, and the ears and tail she’s wearing are the ones I wore for Halloween myself, years ago (thanks for sending them, Mom!). This tickles me to no end.

10 31 08 021

She also had a white stuffed chicken. This is especially amusing because one of our neighbors has chickens, and when we first moved here my daughter would ask just about every day, “Can we go see the chickens tonight when it gets dark? I want to see the fox come!” (We have a book about foxes which includes a chicken coop raid in it.)

10 31 08 050

My favorite part though was how my boy carried his candy bag as it got heavier and heavier… Is it a man purse if it’s filled with candy?

10 31 08 065


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