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granite stitch poncho – done!

Posted on: November 6, 2008

So about a week ago or so I started this pattern: Granite Stitch Poncho. I liked it when I saw it – it looked easy, and there were NO TASSELS. I am not fond of tassels. It’d be nice to have a something warm but not too heavy to wear, I thought.

11 06 08 032

I bit the bullet earlier and ordered some of the yarn mentioned in the pattern – I wanted to use actual wool. It was in fact my first time using “real” yarn, real natural fiber (wool in this case), apart from cotton. Thankfully acrylic works well for toys, because I just don’t know if I can afford to get really crazy with the real yarn – $12 a skein! Eesh! And that’s nothing compared to some. I will have to learn how to spin like my (online) friend Teri. Anyway. (I do have to say – the pattern (with photo) says they used the Jaguar colorway – but I think they’re smokin’ the crack. I think they must have used the Shadows colorway – it is the lighter gray color shown in the photo. Jaguar is much darker gray, almost black, with green in it. But I like it, so all is well.)

11 06 08 018

It’s a really easy pattern, very straight forward, ingenious but easy construction. The stitch is really easy, I think it would make a lovely scarf or possibly shawl – or even afghan. For some reason I had trouble getting the gauge right. The starting chain (and how loose the chains were) affected it a lot. If I were to make this again for myself (which I’m NOT – I already frogged one piece of it entirely and did it over, that’s quite enough, thanks, even if it is an easy pattern) I would get a bit more yarn and make it wider, cover my arms a little more. But as it stands it’s easy to wear and still actually use your arms, so that’s a plus. I also chain stitched around the neck opening, just because. It’s pretty, and warm enough for cool (though probably not cold) weather, so all in all – success.

11 06 08 024

Now if I can just figure out these stinkin’ fingerless gloves….


1 Response to "granite stitch poncho – done!"

I like it!
I’ve been crocheting 8 years now, and I’ve never heard of the granite stitch.
It looks pretty.
If you wanted it to be longer by your arms, could you just add a few rows of a shell stitch to edge it and make it longer?
I’m also making a poncho right now, my first for myself….and it’s taking FOREVER!!!

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