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I lose… dangit

Posted on: November 8, 2008

I could cheat and backdate, but I won’t. I guess it’s 29 days of blogging over here. (I will have to make my own special finishing banner.) Sigh.

I also don’t have any awesome excuses for missing. I was thinking about what to post yesterday… and then I just forgot. Until I remembered this morning, with a horrible sinking feeling. I was obsessively working on a project (which shall remain secret for now, because of potential readers, but about which you’ll probably hear next Friday), but that’s not a very interesting excuse.

Perhaps I should try focusing on what I really want to do – which is NaNoWriMo.

What else to say today? Not much. Finished the aforementioned Secret Project, went into town for lunch and to get a couple of space heaters BECAUSE OUR HOUSE IS FIFTY DEGREES ALL FREAKING DAY LONG (even when it’s 20 degrees warmer outside), bought jeans, failed to find wool yarn for a felting project (not that I’ve ever done felting; that was a whim, but we’ll see about it later). Got a couple of costumes on sale, 75% off (that’s what I’m talking about), so my kids are running around as the black Spiderman and Cleopatra. I just watched Kung Fu Panda – which I completely heart – and folded (with my hubby) about 2.6 metric tonnes of laundry. And there’s more still to be washed. You know, it’s not even the washing and drying (which are nothing, now that we have a washer and dryer IN the house), nor even the folding – it’s the putting away that I get hung up on.

Things are a mess around here. Desparately in need of some organization, which is, sadly, not my strong suit. (I should invite SAJ over. Haha.) My husband is better at that – but sometimes the way he organizes things doesn’t work for me (in terms for accessibility and such). So I feel I should participate. Ugh.

I could complain on and on, but nobody wants to hear that. So instead I will shut it down and see you tomorrow.


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