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in which I am reduced to talking about my LIFE, what is this, an online diary or something??

Posted on: November 11, 2008

Just because that’s how all this madness started…. I was looking back a little and discovered that I did indeed start doing this online thing (that was not yet called a blog) back on my half birthday, March 23rd, 2000. That’s a long time to be doin’ this, even if there were hiatuses (hiatusi? hiati?) – not as many as it looks like from my current archives, I didn’t transfer everything from good ol’ Diaryland. (And now I’m considering moving to my actual title, quakingaspen.wordpress.com; or even *gasp* getting my own domain. Hmmm.)

Anyway, let’s move on to the topic at hand which is 10 5 things about my day:

  1. Crepes for breakfast. Really very easy – I used a recipe akin to this. (But mix wet ingredients first, then add dry, for goodness sake.) Mine had sugar in it though. I think next time I will try it without so as to make some savory-filled ones, at least for myself.
  2. Watched my children at their dance classes. My son the almost-four year old and his class are particularly hilariously adorable. There is a lag in their following of directions that is awesome.
  3. Much typing on troubling topics which I won’t be going into here. At least not right now. But had to get some of it out of my head. I’m not sure that the writing it down part really helped much though, or not as much as I would’ve hoped. Talking about it with my sweetie helped more. I like talking to him, of course, but of late I am distressed by the writing-not-helping part. My first reaction when upset or depressed or whatever is to write about it. But lately it seems to trap me in a feedback loop of bad feeling rather than being cathartic and freeing. And what’s that about?? My preferred coping skill failing me – very distressing.
  4. I’m preparing to post the pattern to my little crocheted fox. Stay tuned. (Since nearly all the hits I get are for my Gumball pattern, I can only assume that many people will be excited about this. Though perhaps not that many who actually read the blog part of the blog.)
  5. Don’t you hate it when you think something is the best, but you’re doing a sucky job at it? That’s how I feel about homeschool at the moment. It’s probably time to reevaluate. Unschooling has its points of merit (though most sites I’ve read about it are so airy floaty vague touchy-feely that they make me nuts), but how does one learn to read with that? I am baffled at the thought. Regardless, the whole thing is indicative of (surprise surprise!) a problem with me rather than anything else particularly.

Yes, I’m scrabbling, scrapping with this thing called Life again, people, and still don’t know what to do about that, or how to win. But getting some sleep is probably a good start.


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Don’t give up on homeschooling! Maybe you just need a little support. Just wondering… are the public schools any better where you are now than where you used to live?

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