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Posted on: November 14, 2008

It’s been an I’m-so-tired, recovering kind of day, full of watching movies (Kung Fu Panda, Shrek 2, I, Robot), and me wrestling with my printer in order to participate in this cool free class (sorry, registration is closed) at JessicaSprague.com. Even though my kiddos were very good at the dentist, and we didn’t actually go that many places afterwards, I still seem to have found the day out and about to be very taxing.

Actually, I am surprised to find, I have been kind of busy today, and this week, doing THINGS. What things, you ask? Well…

  • Printed everything (thus far) for the aforementioned online class. Double sided even, which was a little tricky, but worth it. Haven’t yet assembled the binder, or whatever form I’m going to use to hold it together, but hey, progress! And actually not behind! Woohoo!
  • I have to speak in church on Sunday, in the main service. Eep. In some ways I prefer this to teaching a smaller class (because in a smaller class there has to be DISCUSSION, oh shudder, and as the teacher, I would have to direct it and try to keep it from taking off completely into the stratosphere, leaving my carefully prepared lesson and even the general topic far, far behind, and I’m not very good at that – probably because I am prone to digression myself), but still. Public speaking! Eep! Anyway, I’ve been spending time that is not the evening before or morning of preparing, so that’s a plus.
  • I (finally) finished the editing on all the photos I took at my sister-in-law’s wedding, and gave her a DVD of them today. I will share a couple of the photos (even though Flickr seems to do strange things to the color of my photos, grr, but she was such a beautiful bride) but not the date of the wedding, because I was embarrassingly slow with the whole thing (which I will blame on the fact that I was not being paid, it was their wedding gift from me, and also that I’m still wrestling with software, and that we’d just moved, and, and, and – want more excuses? I’m sure I can come up with a few).


Aren’t they cute?


She really liked the cake, so here it is.

082308255 bw

Alright, well, I think I’d best get to bed, since I have to get up in the morning for (of all things) dance practice – must learn the tap dance that I and a few other crazies moms of kids-in-dance-class will be doing at the recital. Eep.


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