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5 things in my frig

Posted on: November 22, 2008

This was for an assignment in the Jessica Sprague class, but I think it works well as a meme.

Name 5 14 things in your frig right now.

  1. Heavy cream – I like oatmeal with just peaches (Dole bottled peaches) and cream. Yum!
  2. Glass water bottle – I like to drink it cold.
  3. Various sauces – Worcestershire sauce (in my family growing up, we called it “WORshterSHEEshterSHOOshtershire Shaushe.” But only because we were being silly. (I think it was Dad’s name for it. He had a lot of those things.)); Thai peanut sauce; Soy Vay teriyaki; Grey Poupon; ranch and blue cheese dressing; mustard, ketchup.
  4. Three or four half eaten apples, sitting on the shelves – lately my son (almost 4) starts eating an apple, then sets it in the frig.
  5. Miracle Whip, but no mayonnaise at the moment. Growing up, my dad liked mayo and my mom liked Miracle Whip, so we always had a jar of each in the frig. I usually ate Miracle Whip. Nowadays, we usually have both as well, but we’re out of mayo at the moment because we mostly eat that, especially the kids.
  6. Half-full gallon of 2% milk. I hate 1% and skim or powdered. My husband, N, doesn’t care.
  7. Veggies in various states of decay/dried out/on the brink. Bagged spinach that needs to be thrown out, also broccoli; baby carrots, grapes, some limp celery; fresh garlic – soooo good.
  8. Yogurt and cottage cheese, large containers – N’s been eating a lot of it, doing Body for Life.
  9. Dill pickles. I love the fancy kind, Claussen and so on, but none right now.
  10. Lunch meat – variety pack of turkey (oven roasted and smoked) and ham, from Costco. My daughter love love loves turkey sandwiches.
  11. Package of turkey hot dogs, almost empty. My son often gets in there and grabs a hot dog to eat, cold. Goosey boy. (He also isn’t big on cheese – especially “fake cheese/cheez” i.e. processed – and will usually refuse to eat butter.)
  12. Two packages of 18 eggs. One is certainly not full, but still, we go through eggs very slowly.
  13. A third of a gallon of apple cider. Love it.
  14. Small bottle of real 100% maple syrup, and a bigger jug to refill it. Only real maple syrup for me – you use less of it because it’s sweeter, and it’s not full of weird chemicals.

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