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The good news is … Spent a good part of the day at a craft fair held by my friends, here in town (go to their website for directions and times if you’ll be in the southern Arizona area – it’s on again tomorrow and next Saturday as well). I’ve even been making a few crocheted things to sell. (So come buy!)

The bad news is … Apparently my father-in-law (the one who lives here in town) was burned by chemicals at work today/last night. He’s alright, but was taken to the special burn unit in the Really Big City three hours away. So, not negligible. We’re figuring out visiting for tomorrow. But I think he’ll be home for Thanksgiving.

The good news is … One of my friends has a brand new fancy schmancy scanner, and it totally ROCKS – I started scanning some things while at the fair, and then she just had me take it home with me – and I’ve scanned tons of photos. I’M SO HAPPY about this. And have learned that a big ol’ fat stack of photos is not as many as you think. Which says to me – good golly, imagine the stack if I actually printed all my digital photos. It boggles the mind. We’re talking roomsful, people.

Finishing with a video, neither good nor bad, merely cool. Look carefully, is all I will tell you to start.


It’s been an I’m-so-tired, recovering kind of day, full of watching movies (Kung Fu Panda, Shrek 2, I, Robot), and me wrestling with my printer in order to participate in this cool free class (sorry, registration is closed) at JessicaSprague.com. Even though my kiddos were very good at the dentist, and we didn’t actually go that many places afterwards, I still seem to have found the day out and about to be very taxing.

Actually, I am surprised to find, I have been kind of busy today, and this week, doing THINGS. What things, you ask? Well…

  • Printed everything (thus far) for the aforementioned online class. Double sided even, which was a little tricky, but worth it. Haven’t yet assembled the binder, or whatever form I’m going to use to hold it together, but hey, progress! And actually not behind! Woohoo!
  • I have to speak in church on Sunday, in the main service. Eep. In some ways I prefer this to teaching a smaller class (because in a smaller class there has to be DISCUSSION, oh shudder, and as the teacher, I would have to direct it and try to keep it from taking off completely into the stratosphere, leaving my carefully prepared lesson and even the general topic far, far behind, and I’m not very good at that – probably because I am prone to digression myself), but still. Public speaking! Eep! Anyway, I’ve been spending time that is not the evening before or morning of preparing, so that’s a plus.
  • I (finally) finished the editing on all the photos I took at my sister-in-law’s wedding, and gave her a DVD of them today. I will share a couple of the photos (even though Flickr seems to do strange things to the color of my photos, grr, but she was such a beautiful bride) but not the date of the wedding, because I was embarrassingly slow with the whole thing (which I will blame on the fact that I was not being paid, it was their wedding gift from me, and also that I’m still wrestling with software, and that we’d just moved, and, and, and – want more excuses? I’m sure I can come up with a few).


Aren’t they cute?


She really liked the cake, so here it is.

082308255 bw

Alright, well, I think I’d best get to bed, since I have to get up in the morning for (of all things) dance practice – must learn the tap dance that I and a few other crazies moms of kids-in-dance-class will be doing at the recital. Eep.

Just because that’s how all this madness started…. I was looking back a little and discovered that I did indeed start doing this online thing (that was not yet called a blog) back on my half birthday, March 23rd, 2000. That’s a long time to be doin’ this, even if there were hiatuses (hiatusi? hiati?) – not as many as it looks like from my current archives, I didn’t transfer everything from good ol’ Diaryland. (And now I’m considering moving to my actual title, quakingaspen.wordpress.com; or even *gasp* getting my own domain. Hmmm.)

Anyway, let’s move on to the topic at hand which is 10 5 things about my day:

  1. Crepes for breakfast. Really very easy – I used a recipe akin to this. (But mix wet ingredients first, then add dry, for goodness sake.) Mine had sugar in it though. I think next time I will try it without so as to make some savory-filled ones, at least for myself.
  2. Watched my children at their dance classes. My son the almost-four year old and his class are particularly hilariously adorable. There is a lag in their following of directions that is awesome.
  3. Much typing on troubling topics which I won’t be going into here. At least not right now. But had to get some of it out of my head. I’m not sure that the writing it down part really helped much though, or not as much as I would’ve hoped. Talking about it with my sweetie helped more. I like talking to him, of course, but of late I am distressed by the writing-not-helping part. My first reaction when upset or depressed or whatever is to write about it. But lately it seems to trap me in a feedback loop of bad feeling rather than being cathartic and freeing. And what’s that about?? My preferred coping skill failing me – very distressing.
  4. I’m preparing to post the pattern to my little crocheted fox. Stay tuned. (Since nearly all the hits I get are for my Gumball pattern, I can only assume that many people will be excited about this. Though perhaps not that many who actually read the blog part of the blog.)
  5. Don’t you hate it when you think something is the best, but you’re doing a sucky job at it? That’s how I feel about homeschool at the moment. It’s probably time to reevaluate. Unschooling has its points of merit (though most sites I’ve read about it are so airy floaty vague touchy-feely that they make me nuts), but how does one learn to read with that? I am baffled at the thought. Regardless, the whole thing is indicative of (surprise surprise!) a problem with me rather than anything else particularly.

Yes, I’m scrabbling, scrapping with this thing called Life again, people, and still don’t know what to do about that, or how to win. But getting some sleep is probably a good start.

I could cheat and backdate, but I won’t. I guess it’s 29 days of blogging over here. (I will have to make my own special finishing banner.) Sigh.

I also don’t have any awesome excuses for missing. I was thinking about what to post yesterday… and then I just forgot. Until I remembered this morning, with a horrible sinking feeling. I was obsessively working on a project (which shall remain secret for now, because of potential readers, but about which you’ll probably hear next Friday), but that’s not a very interesting excuse.

Perhaps I should try focusing on what I really want to do – which is NaNoWriMo.

What else to say today? Not much. Finished the aforementioned Secret Project, went into town for lunch and to get a couple of space heaters BECAUSE OUR HOUSE IS FIFTY DEGREES ALL FREAKING DAY LONG (even when it’s 20 degrees warmer outside), bought jeans, failed to find wool yarn for a felting project (not that I’ve ever done felting; that was a whim, but we’ll see about it later). Got a couple of costumes on sale, 75% off (that’s what I’m talking about), so my kids are running around as the black Spiderman and Cleopatra. I just watched Kung Fu Panda – which I completely heart – and folded (with my hubby) about 2.6 metric tonnes of laundry. And there’s more still to be washed. You know, it’s not even the washing and drying (which are nothing, now that we have a washer and dryer IN the house), nor even the folding – it’s the putting away that I get hung up on.

Things are a mess around here. Desparately in need of some organization, which is, sadly, not my strong suit. (I should invite SAJ over. Haha.) My husband is better at that – but sometimes the way he organizes things doesn’t work for me (in terms for accessibility and such). So I feel I should participate. Ugh.

I could complain on and on, but nobody wants to hear that. So instead I will shut it down and see you tomorrow.

Maybe next year I will get back into wearing a costume myself. The good news is that my Happy Halloween shirt from last year fit better this year than that.

Here we have Iron Boy (his title, at his own insistence).

10 31 08 035

My daughter was a fox, her favorite animal. It was also my favorite as a child, and the ears and tail she’s wearing are the ones I wore for Halloween myself, years ago (thanks for sending them, Mom!). This tickles me to no end.

10 31 08 021

She also had a white stuffed chicken. This is especially amusing because one of our neighbors has chickens, and when we first moved here my daughter would ask just about every day, “Can we go see the chickens tonight when it gets dark? I want to see the fox come!” (We have a book about foxes which includes a chicken coop raid in it.)

10 31 08 050

My favorite part though was how my boy carried his candy bag as it got heavier and heavier… Is it a man purse if it’s filled with candy?

10 31 08 065


Posted on: September 2, 2008

Front porch view – it’s not the most elegant panorama photo ever, but it does give you an idea of what we see when we walk out the door every day. You can see our neighbors’ various things – swimming pool, livestock pens, playhouse. Also the top of the pile of empty boxes still next to our door (well, sort of). The door on the right is the storage room. Click on the photo for a bigger version.

Also, here’s a screenshot of the google satellite map of our house, one I whipped up and sent to my brother over IM. Woohoo.

map to our house?

map to our house?

ETA: Contrast the above map with the google map of our old place:

where we used to live

where we used to live

Also it makes me laugh – you know the “street view” feature on google maps? The one of where we used to live still features our poor old car. (There is no street view where we are now – in fact, you can’t even use the closest magnification on the regular view….)

poor little red Honda

poor little red Honda


Posted on: August 26, 2008

Yeah, thanks a lot Nora…. It’s okay actually, there are people who want to know what our new place looks like, so here’s a bit of it, as good a way as any. Even though we are still not unpacked (maybe this weekend will see some substantial progress) and I feel terribly unsettled. But I have internet! (Maybe that’s why we’re not unpacked….)

Rules for this meme (which needs a name, isn’t that compulsory?): Take a pic of each of the 10 things listed — and you have to do it right away. (Also tag five people, if you want.) No cheating either, rearranging, hiding, posing your children doing something educational or otherwise socially acceptable. Here goes!


1. The Refrigerator

Still stocking back up on food since we ran down the supply before moving – also still figuring out where things will GO.

2. The Laundry Room

Not so much a “room” as a “hall with cupboard” – but PLEASE don’t think I am complaining. I’m not even complaining that the dryer seems to take an hour plus to actually dry anything. I am just so thrilled at the very notion of actually doing laundry in our own house.

3. The Bathroom

This is the bathroom in the kids’ room – note the striped towels on the floor. No door either. Nor fan, hence the can of air freshener. But hey.

4. The Closet

Our master bedroom closet – it unnerves me slightly because it has NO DOORS. Why? But note how it is NOT full of camping equipment and boxes of seasonal clothing. Woohoo! See below, #7.

5. The Kitchen Sink

Has a sprayer, and no longer leaks. Yay!

6. Self-Portrait

Of my shirt. Haha! Oh fine:

7. Favorite Room of the House
favorite room

At the moment – the storage room. It is so beyond novel to actually have a place to put, oh say, camping equipment for example, that is not our bedroom closet. Excellent notion. (And you saw our closet already.) Also note, there is an extra frig/freezer. It needs to be wiped out and plugged in – but I’m excited.

8. What are your kids doing right now?

Playing outside, in the rain — sort of: they are filling cups with water off the porch. But still managing to get soaked. And wearing their pajamas still, no less.

9. Dream Vacation

This question doesn’t really seem to fit. I have several dream vacations – one of which to Australia and New Zealand, but hello, I have no photos of them, nor can take one right away! because, well, I haven’t been there yet. Thus “dream vacation.” Unless it’s s’posed to be one you’ve already gone on… that would be Ireland but sadly those photos are not digital and you can’t have one.

10. Favorite Pair of Shoes

They are new, and very cute; sadly it seems that I MUST wear socks with them – nylons alone will absolutely not cut it (say the blisters on my heels). Hopefully socks (perhaps some knee socks as well!) will take care of that problem – because they’re SO cute…. Also perhaps not wearing them while shooting a wedding will help as well….

There you go, Nora, happy?? 🙂 If anyone else would like to do this, feel free. I will tag DreamsofNyssa, Katie the Scrapbook Lady, Loralee, Becky (who also just moved, but hey) and Nancy. But no obligation, people.

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