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Merry belated Christmas, my friends. And here’s a little present, at least for my crafty friends.

Since I couldn’t find a drawing or photo online of how to do an invisible decrease (invdec), I decided I might as well put one up myself — it’s not always the right one to use, but it’s such a lovely, useful stitch, especially for amigurumi. Here’s a slide show of it (probably overkill on some of the steps; with all this folderol you’ll think it’s a hard stitch, but it really isn’t, though sometimes it’s a little tight to fit the hook into. Oh well).

For those who for some reason can’t see the slide show, here’s a few of the more relevant photos.


Invdec, step 1

The green arrows just show the sideways “v”s of the top of the stitches. The red arrows point out the front loops where you’ll insert the hook.


Invdec, step 2

Up through the front loop of the first stitch.


Invdec, step 3

Then immediately angle the hook down (while ignoring my abominably torn cuticles) and …


Invdec, step 4

… go up through the front loop of the second stitch …


Invdec, step 5

… and you have three loops on the hook. Yarn over and draw up a loop through the two front loops, then finish as you would a regular single crochet.


Invdec, wrong-side view

This is a view of the wrong side of the crochet. The red arrow points to the back of the invisible decrease (see how there’s a dropped line of yarn, just below where the arrow is pointing? that’s the two back loops from the two stitches you decreased to one), while the green arrow points to the back of the single crochet, for contrast. All this because from the front (which I probably should’ve also taken a shot of, oh well, go try it and see how awesome it looks) it’s well… almost invisible, so if you need to count back to the decrease you may have to look at the back of the work to tell. And this is what you’re looking for.

Well, there it is. I hope it’s all clear and helpful. Any comments or suggestions for improvement are appreciated. (P.S. I did make a video of this. Does anyone want me to put it up?)


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